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2011 (Beijing) 4 G communications conference and exhibition held a grand in Beijing.

With "meet" 4 G ", change life "as the theme," the 2011 (Beijing) 4 G communications conference and exhibition "(4 G) WORLD CHINA in Beijing national conference center was held.
At present, the international 4 G communications technology is developing rapidly, major domestic and foreign operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers in the positive plan for our future strategy. China's TD-LTE standard has been ITU-R, WP5D confirmed as international 4 G technology standards, starting one of the candidates-LTE network has been in 7 scale test start construction. Big cities Chinese mobile communication industry is in an unprecedented situation into international advanced ranks. This conference will for the domestic and foreign mobile communication and mobile Internet industry to provide a professional communication platform and channels of communication and promote the Chinese and international counterparts in the technical standard, the upgrade of industry, equipment manufacture, market access, and other aspects of the extensive cooperation, for the domestic and foreign relevant industry has brought unprecedented trade and investment opportunities, promote the 4 G communication in China and the world better and faster healthy development.
"2011 (Beijing) 4 G communications conference and exhibition" (4 G) WORLD trade by CHINA international economic and cultural exchange (Beijing), sponsored by by Chinese industry and the ministry of information, communication standardization association, Chinese CHINA radio international association, wireless communication association, Beijing economy and information committee of Beijing business committee, strong support. Letter from work, the work of the letter KeJiWei, the labor department institute, China telecom letter mobile communication group, huawei, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, the Yankee group, samsung, SONY, Intel, Germany telecommunications, phoenix new media, reading league information, phoenix new media, and other units for the experts to bring congress on the latest research results and the development of the industry trend analysis. Congress through the domestic and foreign experts purport of the lecture, roundtable discussion training, professional BBS, etc, and is pushing for 4 G communications technology standards and network deployment, restructuring business model, planning enterprise future development strategy of of all kinds enterprise, industry institutions and organizations share the next generation of mobile communications technology development of the latest information and opportunities for development.
Chinese academy of secretary-general, Chinese communication standards association director WuHeQuan as chairman of the current congress, and with "LTE in China" as the theme published theme speech. Not long ago, WuHeQuan academician leadership of a new generation of broadband wireless mobile communication network of major projects in overall expert group for the top design, coordination, management mechanism, promoting the construction of industry chain and innovation system such as the outstanding performance, work for the "eleventh five-year plan" national science and technology plan organization management excellent organization, and to promote the development of China's mobile communication made outstanding contribution. WuHeQuan chairman speech from LTE in recent years in China's development present situation, respectively from the start in China's beginning, LTE development, technology issues, challenges, this paper discusses the development of technology in China LTE advantage and facing the problem of many aspects of challenge, and combining with the Chinese government 1025 planning on comprehensively improve informatization level requirement prospects the LTE technology in China, and said the prospect of the development of the application of the Internet in the future mobile valued more than fixed the Internet.
Industry and the ministry of information congress library in the opening plenary smell chief representative XiGuoHua, vice minister of speech. The administration of radio work letter wave chief attended the conference shepherd believes, and promote the development and strengthen the 4 G wireless spectrum management published a lecture, expounds the China mobile communication industry in the development of the thought and strategy. China mobile communications group technology department general manager ZhouJianMing published "promote technology innovation development, promote TD national informatization competitiveness" motif speech, this paper expounds the necessity of China development TD technology and technical direction, on the development of mobile communication industry development strategy with a reference value. The letter FuJuJi congress work to "XiaoHui inspector and work hand in hand to promote mobile payment industry development" as the theme, comprehensively and systematically expounds the China mobile payment industry development status and future planning, and hope industry enterprise investment technology research and development efforts, learn from international experience to promote China mobile payment industry better and faster development.
"4 G" by the Yankee group WORLD congress in 2008 in the United States initiated and host. This conference, Yankee group's senior vice President of Mr Swain Wally senior telecom analyst Chris Nicoll and Mr. LTE technology development track of the 4 G communication technology and the present situation and development trend made a speech to the general assembly, introduce the international telecommunications development of the latest trend analysis.
Work KeJiWei department, deputy director of the letter ChenRuMing sir, France telecom Beijing vice President Mr. GuDaQing institute of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, TaoXiaoFeng professor, samsung telecommunications global Marketing director Byoungho (Bryan) dr. Lee, huawei China that Mr. LiuZhiHong chief engineer of the wireless, work of telecom research institute criteria of the letter of LinHui doctor, Ericsson senior Chinese director for Mr Geoghegan, Shanghai bell mobile network solutions chief architect Bernd Sperrle sir, Intel mobile communication (China) vice President Mr. ChenLiang etc were Chinese and foreign guests and the 4 G broadband access technology and 4 G network of practice and experience, deploy solutions, business model are discussed and instructions, common proved TD-LTE technology to look forward to the prospect of development.
Germany telecommunications executive vice President Kyllesbech dr Kim Larsen Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, economic management, dean of the college of LvTingJie professor, has just completed the public the phoenix new media vice President Mr. LiuXin, congress general secretary, reading league President Mr. PengYang information such as mobile Internet industry is the pattern of development, opportunity and challenge published their different views.
In-depth guest speech and the effective interaction between with the audience that China telecom industry counterparts, have a close listen to international latest information, understand technology development direction, grasp the future development opportunities of a good chance.
To satisfy the masses of mobile developers to request, borrow many international experts in China, the organizing committee of joint zhongguancun global mobile Internet talent base debuted, 3 G institute organized the global mobile developer training activities,

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