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Now security crisis is present in Mobile Internet.

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the bo, mobile social networking and other emerging areas become hackers new point. Recently, because beauty drama "gossip girl" popular actress black expose yanzhao, Foley, in to web sites, blogs and micro blog brings in many Internet users "onlookers". But according to a rising "cloud security" system, through monitoring web site and to the Po post "yanzhao download link", as high as ninety percent with poison.According to the rising "cloud security" system monitoring, the system has been intercepted a lot, called "gossip girl. Zip," "nude yanzhao Foley's Live black. Zip" virus compressed package, the virus will own disguised as a compressed package, it will be placed "Install exe", customer once. Open, the computer will poisoning, lead to personal information, online, net silver password is stolen, computer hackers become complete control of chicken.The bo and is currently most active to a new media, the netizen attention is extremely high. In this case, in micro bo yanzhao, will be released in a short time, and cause large area spread Internet users to download the initiative. And "yanzhao" kind of Trojan horse, often is the latest development of the virus, hackers many security software are not in time to intercept and retaliation, in this case, the user if a computer without installation professional anti-virus software, could become extremely Trojan victims.According to the safety experts remind, rising in recent years "yanzhao" events occur frequently, and every time a yanzhao, on the Internet, lots of attention inevitably lead to the regular web site, BBS will exist yanzhao links and download address, in these links, often contain viruses, but ordinary users from online search began to infection virus, sometimes need only two or three clicks. These yanzhao often use the spread of Internet users curiosity, a virus spread, waiting to steal users of net silver, online account password.

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