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3 G users break through 70 million in three big operators!

In the three largest telecom operators are released yesterday may operation data this month, three new subscribers exceeded 6 million 3 G. With China mobile 3 G users increased by 2.616 million, China telecom, China unicom added 1.83 million new 3 G subscribers 1.738 million, three big operators 3 G subscribers has amounted to a total of 73.75 million.Because user group of huge, China mobile subscribers still well ahead of new competitors. The operation data may show, China mobile new users May 5.02 million, total to 611 million users. 2011 years ago, five months, China mobile accumulated 27.15 million users. New China's move may add 3 G subscribers 2.616 million, its 3 G subscribers has reached 31.998 million. This is the first time that month in new 3 G mobile user accounts for more than fifty percent than.China unicom 3 G users a new this month last month the drop, data shows, China unicom May 3 G net 1.738 million homes, including 175600 3 G wireless ShangWangKa users, a last month when 181 3 G users to come down. By the end of may, China unicom 3 G subscribers for 22.09 million, mobile business total to 179 million.This month China telecom 3 G users develop significant progress. Data showed that in May, China telecom 3 G users increased by 1.83 million, more than 360000, and the increased last month that month 3 G users increased by more than seventy percent, accounting for the first time than by the end of may, its 3 G subscribers increased to 19.67 million. China telecom mobile users totaled 105.7 million households, the month increased by 2.6 million.On increasingly potential of micro fixed-line business, unicom and telecom two operators to reduce the number of users is still in. China unicom in May fixed-line users reduce the 304000, and the total users for 95.845 million users; China telecom may fixed telephone subscribers to reduce 480000 households, shrunk to 172 million.

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