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                                                                                          Public Type Prefab Introduction
The skeleton  of the prefab is light steel ,the envelope material is blockboard , combined series of standard modules in space.coponent used bolts to connected.and it is New concept of environmental protection and economy prefab.It can be assemblied and disassemblied easily . Set an energy-saving, fast and efficient architectural concept, so that a series of temporary housing into the development of integrated production, support of supply, inventory, and multiple turnover can be used in setting product areas.The advantages of the prefab including light steel structure ,color steel thermal board  ,it can be build in 10-200m2 , prefab looks beautiful, modern design, sophisticated and elegant, energy-saving environmental protection, insulation performance, cool in summer , warm in winter   , anti-earthquake typhoon, warm and comfortable living, activities room designed and installed according to customer requirements, which highly reliable, long life not only has the ornamental value of more  avaiable value, activity room so you feel into the nature.Mainly used in the office, headquarters, lounges, sales offices, classroom, shops, cafes, the exhibition hall, dormitory, tourism facilities, entertainment, temporary exhibition hall, etc.
Technology Advantage
1.Installed  quickly .The wall panel and the materia lof the wall panel is manufacured by the modern automated controled producing line , preferred automation,fast producing speed ,a practices and efficient a ssembly ,installation fast.                                                                     2.Can be used as both temporary and longinquity house.For the combination type structure ,It can be removing and assemble again ,So It can be used as temperory house.And also because the long life of the prefab house material So It can be used as permanent building .
3.Good thermal shield and thermal insulation performance. The filling of the wall panel and  roofing  is polystyrene or Polyurethane.Both of the two kinds material has a good character of thermal shield.
4.Protecting the environment .All the material of the prefab house is made by our factory ,and can assemly on site,We will not leave any building rubbish .the orignal material is steel and Petroleum report product,It will not danger for people ,The material have a nice charater for the enviroment
5.Safety.The ouside and inside surface of the prefab house is matel,It is  hightensile ,the wall panel and roofing are color steel thermal shield board ,It has a good charater of steel ,And it is used in all over the world .
6.Beatify appearance.The appearance of the prefab house is color steel panel with seravel colors and beautiful appearance .

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