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With domestic fiber network construction, with the rapid development of the city has basic backbone deployed, "strategic" will be to "last mile" advance; Access the living community, office buildings and residents. As the communication network protection products of outdoor room already and "last mile" strategy does not adapt, thus emerge as The Times require outdoor cabinet. Network Cabinet is outdoor room smaller version, because it has reliable quality, cover an area of an area small, the application of the scene, the combination of flexible widely deployed, the cost advantages. Therefore, outdoor (communication) the cabinet will become the current meet customer long-term evolution and expansion and flexible in the main force of the demand.Our company design production of Network Cabinetis divided into two types: caigang insulation board cabinet and half armor type heat insulation board of cabinets. They are all in the execution of the outdoor room technical specifications and standards, under the prerequisite of according to customer demand and Network Cabinet of the characteristics and design improvement, outside its surface color according to customer to coordinate spraying.
The following three types commonly used for my company outdoor cabinet specifications:
(size) long * wide* high: 2400 * 1100 * 2000 (mm)
(size) long * wide* high: 2400 * 1100 * 2200 (mm)
(size) long * wide* high: 2880 * 1100 * 2200 (mm)
Also can be separately designed according to customer requirements.

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